Our fabulous cookout buffet is always included with your registration. Each year we tweak it just a little to continuously make it better and better. And this year is no different. The buffet is open continuously from about 11 am to 5 pm.


Here are the items we will feature in this year's cookout:


Grilled Marinated Chicken Breasts 

Yes, we know we could probably save some money by not marinating these but we want you to have the best we can produce. Our grillers keep a watchful eye on these babies so they come to the serving tables done as nicely as possible - juicy and not burned. Any that hit the ground have to be eaten by the grillers. Dog's Rules.


Huge Grilled Hot Dogs 

It really couldn't be DOG DAYS without some dogs, now could it? We believe we have found the best tasting dogs that keep their juiciness and full flavor. We call them huge because the bun barely closes. Like with the chicken - any that hit the ground have to be eaten by the grillers - Dog's Rules.


Vegetarian Burger

For those who prefer a vegetarian option we have found what we believe to be the best available. This is a veggie base "burger" patty that is also vegan-worthy. You must register for a vegetarian meal option in order to get these. We mark your wristband so we know who you are.


Baked Beans

When we say baked, we mean baked. We actually cook these overnight. Slowly. And there are so many special ingredients included even Colonel Sanders would be amazed. These are goooood beans.


Corn On The Cob

Ever popular, messy to eat, and so worth the trouble.


Tossed Green Salad with Dressing Selection

Fresh assorted greens tossed with cucumbers, golden carrot shavings, purple cabbage, garden tomatoes, and our crispy croutons, with your choice of dressings.

Whatcha Want On That Dog?

New this year we are offering a lot of options for you to make that dog your own creation. Styled after some of Greater Cleveland's most interesting places that offer dogs, we are adding the Hot Dog Bar to our menu. At the minimum (we are still adding to the list) will be Coney Sauce and some sort of hot (jalapenos?) stuff that you might have to sign a waiver for. Chopped onions of course and the usual ketchup (aka catsup), mustard and relish. Oh, and cheese.


Dessert? Who Needs Dessert? 

Well, if you've been riding all day in the heat and your mouth is parched and puckered from all the Gatorade you tossed down your gullet, you're ready for something a bit chilled. Back by demand from guests last year, we will have chilled stuff from Pierre's of Cleveland. Look for Popsicles and other icy things.



Sorry. Not in the budget. You know what happens when dogs eat toothpicks? Not pretty.
















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