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Club History of Award Recipients

Silver Wheeler of the Year

Awarded for outstanding service to the club

2016       Gary Schmitt

2015       LaDean Hutter

2014       Joel Edmonds

2013       Richard Kolofer

2012       Cindi Conrad

2011       Kathy Yourkiewicz

2010       Eva & Tom Weber

2009       Tom Cline

2008       Mary Dillon

2007       Cheryl & Bob Burkhardt 

2006       Joe Etzler

2005       Bob Gazer

2004       Sheryl Edwards

2003       Ed Stewart

2002       Sharon Bouchonville

2001       Steve Woosley

2000       Marge Goetz    

Rookie of the Year

Awarded to a person who has joined the club within the last 18 months and has participated in many rides and club activities.

2016          Scott Edmundson & Susan Schneider

2015          Jim Gipper

2014       Norman Diederich
2013       Rudy Fox
2012       Cindy Pesta
2011       Karen Paulson
2010       Gary Sherck
2009       Lynnette Paine & Mikki Sobczak
2008       Richard Kolofer
2007       Colleen Linn
2005          Pam Alexander
2004        Maddock Family
2003       Cy Palazzo

Ride Leader of the Year

Awarded to the person who has led several safe. interesting and enjoyable rides.

2016      Dan Martin

2015      Eva Weber

2014     Bob Burkhardt

2013     Larry Best

2012     Eva Weber

2011     Dan Roob

2010     Mary Dillon

2005     Steve Woosley

2004     Bob Gazer

Tough Old Bird

Awarded to the person who has overcome significant physical obstacles

2016           Dan Martin
2015           Bob Piccirilli
Naaman Torres
2013           Cindy Pesta
2012           LaDean Hutter  
2011           Marilyn Torres
2010           Larry Best  
2009           Tom Weber  
2008           Bud Ennis  
2007           Sharon Koepf  
2006           Ed Rowe  
2005           Bob Gazer  
2004           Harold Copperman         
2003           Marge Goelz  
2002           Ed Stewart
2001           Steve Woosley 
2000           Tom Cline  

Golden Wheeler

 Awarded for longtime service to the club.

Silver Bullet

Awarded for meritous service to the club.

2016        Larry Best, Richard Kolofer

2015        Bob Burkhardt, Joe Etzler, Ed Stewart

2014        Mike Bokulich, Bud Ennis

Steve & Sandy Woosley

2013        Tom Cline

Harold Copperman

John Gallagher

Marge Goetz

                Frank O'Dell


2016        Mark Kasmark

                Pete Klepak

                Randy Lottman

                Tom Weber

2015        Bob Burkhardt, Tom Weber

2014        Mark Kasmark

                Dan Roob

                Pat Serio

Sue & Rick Wells

2013        Joe Etzler, Eva Weber

2012   Jennette & Bill Mulbach

Steve Osmialowski

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