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Ride Information

Regular Club Rides

Our regular rides are listed in the Silver Wheels Ride Calendar. All rides are led by an experienced ride leader. The ride information includes the ride distance, expected speed (ride level), starting time, ride leader,  and start location, (note: clicking on the x-box will bring up a dynamic map in another window). Any additional ride information - visiting points of interest, food stops, may also be noted. To look for a ride, just click on the link below.


Ride Classification (star levels)

Silver Wheels has devised a system to categorize rides based on distance, speed and terrain. Levels are given stars to easily differentiate rides so members can pick and choose which rides meet their needs and skill level. Please note that paces indicated are the average for the entire ride.  With and against the wind or grade may cause ride segments to be  faster or slower than the advertised star level..  There is a ride for every level of rider. A new rider has to decide how much time they want to invest.

Click to view the Ride Star Chart.

Special Rides

Along with the regular club rides, Silver Wheels also has some speciality rides that add fun and variety to the regular ride schedule. For more details on these rides click on the links below for a full description.

All Star Rides

Touring Rides

Star Chase Rides

Map Rides

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