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Bike versus Bike accidents

Our survey revealed that following too closely, wheel overlapping and tapping back wheel were the most common type of a bike versus bike accident experienced by our members and witnessed by our members. So, we spent countless hours on the internet (when we could have been out riding) to find five videos demonstrating what can happen in these situations and then tips to actually improve our riding. The first four are very short clips taken by riders “demonstrating" bad riding techniques and eating the pavement. The last video is a bit longer, has great animations, and shows some outstanding tips about how to avoid accident and injury on a bike.  

Video 1:  Watch the third rider back overlap the second rider back, tap wheels and go down.

Video 2:   A crowded trail both ways, a slow down caused hard brake resulting in an overlap, a touch and a commando role.

Video 3:  Words can't describe this video, but the music and sound effect do a pretty good job trying to describe this rider’s tap and fall.  

Video 4:  Who do you think is at fault?  Did the lead rider give enough time after his signal or is the rear rider simply following too close? 

Video 5:  Animated video showing how to avoid an accident on a road bike with sections on overlaps, the second crash syndrome, cornering, breaking techniques, yoga/pilates and how to fall!

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